Your story in writing 

Writing is one of the most therapeutic ways of releasing stress, pain and sadness, and I don’t just believe that because I’m a writer.

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It’s so personal and in some ways rather incredible to see your words, your thoughts, your heart spilled over the pages that are important parts of your story.

After the basic composition classes, creative writing classes and the classes that taught me how to write like a journalist that I have taken, the most important thing I have learned from all of the above is to write in a way that makes you feel like what you have to say matters.

Even if you feel like you suck at it or that whatever you write will sound stupid, just try it anyway. You could surprise yourself, and in the words of To Write Love On Her Arms Founder Jamie Tworkowski, “Hope tends to come in the form of surprises.”

Just let everything out. The paper can take the weight of your world, the pen can handle the stress of your heavy-handed desperation to put it all to rest. Write about the things that kill you but don’t forget to write about what makes you feel most wonderfully alive.

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Write about the people who have burned you but also those who opened your mind. Write about the places you hope to see and the places you may never see again. Write about what it feels like to do something or be with someone that you are just crazy about. Write about what it’s like to feel really lost, and then someday soon, when you get to wherever you are going, write about what it feels like to be inexplicably found.

Now, there’s a story.


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