The Dignity Box


(Photo credit: Haleigh McGill)

My best friend, Emma, and I have this thing called the Dignity Box.

She made it for me for my birthday last October; a light brown cardboard box covered in hand-drawn zentangles, constellations and a few inside jokes. We put stuff in it that reminds us of hilarious, disastrous and just straight up wtf moments we’ve encountered and been through together.

It reminds us of the times we both lost and found pieces of our dignity, which is sometimes comical and other times heartbreaking.

I think it’s good to keep tangible parts of memories safe somewhere; they’re nice to look back on with the person you shared them with. Whenever Emma and I feel it’s time to open the Box, we find that perfect balance of happy tears and sad tears that pool into tiny puddles of glowing nostalgia and contentment.

The Box is a good reminder of all the laughs and the rough patches that smoothed our violent edges into brilliant diamonds.

Maybe magic isn’t real but the Box is pretty close. It can help hold people together when stuff gets really hard.


Created by Haleigh McGill.

There are a lot of ways to preserve memories and I would suggest using some of them. You and those who have pieces of their lives within those memories will be happy it’s around to look back on in the future.


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