“Don’t quit your daydream”


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No matter how badly you want something to happen in your life, sometimes the fact that it may take a while to come to fruition knocks a lot of people down. Time has a way of letting you lose sight of certain things, and people get tired of waiting around.

Those two factors sometimes cause us to give up on some of our dreams and forget that there is a perfect time for everything.

I know a lot of people who have given up their daydreams in favor of their practical goals because the latter seem easier to achieve and to be good at. I’ve heard a lot of sad stories, but the way I see it, selling yourself short on your dreams is among the saddest. CU Boulder ecology and evolutionary biology major Michael Procko realizes that time can certainly be an obstacle to overcome when trying to get to what you want most, but also that it’s up to us to make time for what matters most.

“Your life doesn’t have to be so linear,” he said. “You don’t have pick just one [goal]. I know that sounds like it might be a lot of work and that you don’t have enough time to dedicate, but if it’s something you want to do, you’ll make time.”

Sometimes the perfect time happens to be right now. You’ve got a relatively short, sudden window to make your move and make it big. Usually when this happens though, you’re ready for it. It was meant to be. Luck favors the prepared and fortune favors the brave.

Sometimes the perfect time is a few years down the road, when you’ve had time to experience important and impactful things in your life and be a part of those kinds of experiences for others that you are close to. This was true for me throughout my various music endeavors and attempts to make something of myself through them. I started recording when I was in high school but the songs I wrote just didn’t say enough. I didn’t have enough powerful experiences to convey to others in a song and I wasn’t able to do justice to the few good ideas I did have because my writing style was still changing and growing. Now, six years later I’m back in the studio with lyrics that carry the glorious weight of relevance and certain understandings of the human condition, and everything is moving in the right direction because I was patient and took my chance when I felt I was finally ready.

I hate the phrase “good things come to those who wait,” because what does waiting mean? To me, it sounds passive in the given context; like if you just wait around patiently, someday a bright future will suddenly bestow itself upon you and boom, you’re ready to go. Sorry but no, that’s not how it works. Obviously I agree that sometimes you do have to wait for your chance, otherwise sharing my experiences of trying to make it in the music world would have been irrelevant. But you have to wait actively, you still have to do stuff and accomplish smaller steps while you’re waiting for the big picture to fall into place.


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It’s like a puzzle, you’ve got all these pieces that you know fit together somehow but if you just sit there waiting to see the finished product, you’ll get nothing but wasted time and disappointment. You have to put it together, piece by piece, until you can see the bigger vision. Another thing about puzzles is that sometimes people get frustrated, bored and impatient in the middle of it all. Puzzles (the big kid kind, I’m talking over 300 pieces) are difficult, and you know what? So is accomplishing your goals and figuring out how to make your dreams a reality. But CSU international studies major and occasional co-author of this blog, Emma Drury, says that’s no reason to give up.

“Things become your dreams for a reason and if you give up on them for the sake of them being too hard, then you don’t deserve them to be your dreams,” she said. “Dreams are supposed to challenge us and [achieving them] is our reward for hard work and perseverance.”

Sometimes, though, unfortunately the perfect time for a dream to come to fruition turns out to be never. It’s hard when this is the case but it happens to everyone. There is always at least one thing that we wish would happen or we wish we were really good at, but it’s just not meant to be. The important thing to remember is that it is probably for the best. You won’t always know right away the reason you have been denied a dream that really mattered to you, but more often than not it is a blessing in disguise. It’s clearing space for something else to bloom, something better.

Because we all need a healthy dose of motherly advice from time to time, here is what my mom, Louann McGill, had to say on the subject of holding onto your daydream.

“Your dream is yours for a reason,” she said. “Your gifts and talents are yours alone to equip you and prepare you to see your dream to fruition. It might happen, it might not. But the journey of self-discovery and the freedom to look fear in the face and stare it down in order to embrace and receive what belongs to you is yours. If not you, then who?”

Your path may wind and you might end up having to rethink how you are going to get there, to your dream. You’re going to lose your sense of direction every now and again, but in the words of J. R. R. Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost.”


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