Are you proud of you?

Have you ever looked yourself in the eye from the other side of the mirror and said I’m proud of you?

I’ve been thinking about how busy, stressful and borderline unmanageable life often feels, and how that makes it easy to overlook how much we’re really doing and how hard we are really trying on a day to day basis. I think sometimes we give ourselves maybe a little too much credit for a not-so-impressive completed To Do list, but more often than not, when life gets really crazy, I think we tend to shortchange our ego even when we are already doing more than we feel we can handle.

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For all intents and purposes of this post, just go with me on the idea that nobody’s life is significantly worse than anyone else’s. We all just have our fair share of problems, there’s no “my horse is bigger than your horse” when it comes to sadness, insecurity, loss, pain or guilt.

I don’t want you to stress over whether or not the problems and hardships that trouble you the most are “important” enough, if they are worthy of a withdrawal from your life and responsibilities for whatever amount of time, or if you’re just overreacting and thinking too much about something that could be next to nothing – that’s got anxiety written all over it.

Just think about all the little things that you do for yourself and for others – the coolest thing you ever made on your own, the best performance you ever gave, the most difficult obstacle so far that you have overcome, the most thoughtful thing you’ve done for someone you really care about, the time you told a really important truth despite your shaking hands and twisting stomach, the time you brightened a stranger’s day, the most selfless act you’ve ever committed – that enable you to believe that despite your mistakes, the sadness, the insecurity, the loss the pain the guilt, you do some really amazing, wondrous stuff.

Next time you pass by the mirror on your way out the door to start your day, stop long enough to look yourself in the eye and remind yourself that you are proud of you for doing the best that you can with the hand you’ve been dealt.


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